Health & Safety

We offer a comprehensive service provided by highly qualified construction health and safety specialists.

We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of construction related Health and Safety services.

Provided by our highly qualified construction health and safety specialists, we have the necessary skills, knowledge, training and experience to fulfill complex health and safety roles, offer sound, specialist advice on a single project or long term basis and assist our clients in implementing a health and safety strategy and culture which meets their legal obligations and protects them from risk.

Our Health and Safety Services include:

Strategic Advice
We can assist organisations with formulating overall health and safety strategies and provide guidance on key compliance with health and safety legislation. In conjunction with our building surveyors and quantity surveyors provide fully costed property solutions.
CDM Compliance
The CDM Regulations 2015 place a number of duties on the person / organisation commissioning construction work. We can provide strategic assistance and guidance in compliance with the CDM Regulations from a client perspective, and ensure that all legal requirements are met.
Principal Designer
In most cases, a construction project will require the Client to appoint a Principal Designer. We can undertake the role of Principal Designer, and we can also provide support as The Principal Designer Adviser.
Property condition and compliance audits enable a focussed and planned maintenance approach to be developed and ensures that buildings remain compliant with legislation. We can undertake building inspections and compliance audits and assist with the development of a focussed maintenance action plan. Our technical experts of building surveyors, safety professionals and quantity surveyors can provide a fully costed maintenance plan.
Access Audits
The Equality Act places duties on building owners to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that buildings are accessible and useable for all people. We can undertake access audits and with our team of building surveyors, safety professionals and quantity surveyors provide guidance and assistance in formulating cost effective and deliverable action plans, and assist with compliance with the Equality Act.
Construction Phase Support
Through our experience and technical expertise, we can provide the Client with assurance by providing a link between the Contractor and Client and a presence on site. We can undertake site inspections, review on-site communications, check facilities and construction phase plans, assist with reporting of safe and unsafe practices, assist with incident investigations and provide regular reports back to the Client. The Client is kept fully updated of the construction phase from a health and safety point of view.
Accident/Incident Investigations
We can assist with accident and incident investigations and root cause analysis.
Legionella Risk Assessments
We can assist organisations in controlling the risk of Legionellosis. We can undertake Legionella risk assessments and provide strategic advice and guidance in complying with legislation and controlling risk.
Fire Risk Assessments
Controlling fire risks is an important part of property management and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places duties on the Responsible Person. We can undertake fire risk assessments and with our team of technical experts of building surveyors and safety professionals assist with formulating costed action plans.
Asbestos Management Consultancy
The management of asbestos in buildings is a legal requirement placed on building owners. We can provide guidance and assistance with formulating asbestos management plans and ensuring compliance with legislation.
Health & Safety Training
With our long-term experience with the CDM Regulations, we can provide training on all aspects of the regulations from overviews to more detailed sessions.