Quantity Surveying

Providing a wide range of cost management services for over a century.

Baker Mallett have provided a wide range of cost management services to the construction industry for over a century.

Collaborating with the Client and their stakeholders, designers, contractors and supplychain, we excel in using our specialist skills and experience to provide detailed and accurate cost information, essential to delivering a successful project. Our clients rely on us for quality, consistency and for certainty.

Our range of Quantity Surveying Services include:

Quantity Surveying
Robust cost, commercial and Contract management of our clients building and construction project investments through all stages of the process. Focusing on enhancing value for money whilst providing a service that manages risk, maximises certainty and delivers quality.
Employers Agent
We act on behalf of our clients to manage the delivery of a project and administer the building Contract for design and build contracts.
Procurement Advice
We will consider and advise on the most appropriate procurement strategy for your project taking account of speed, cost, quality, specific project constraints, financing and the desired risk profile.
Capital Funding Advice
We can provide preliminary assessment of funding options when considering whether to proceed with a project. This assessment would consider budget, draw-down facilities, approvals and consents, tax and grants, loan size and term, land and site value, building costs, end valuation, stage payments, planning risk, profit on cost, collateral or guarantor and would include potential sources of funding.
Contract Administration
We issue instructions, manage change control procedures, review the progress of the works, prepare reports for the client, certify payments, monitoring handover, certify practical completion, manage the correction of defects and agree the final account.
Value Management
We employ techniques in order to define, maximise and achieve optimum 'value for money'.
Capital Allowances
We can advise where you are allowed to deduct capital allowances from taxable profits. These relate to the cost of certain assets such as, lifts, escalators, mechanical and electrical plant, information and communications technology, equipment, furniture, fittings and office equipment, etc. The tax relief allowed relates to the depreciation of the qualifying assets.
Bills of Quantities
This is a document that provides project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications. We include this document in traditional tender documents for clients or prepare them separately directly for contractors tendering for design and build contracts.
Fund Monitoring
The process or protecting the client’s or funder’s interests from the risks associated with their interest in a development that is not under their direct control. Usually carried out for funding institution, a tenant or purchaser, a bank or development finance company to assesses the project as it progresses in a way that is both independent and impartial.
Whole Life Costing
We can consider the Whole-life of all costs associated with the life of a building, from inception to construction, occupation, operation, maintenance and disposal. We provide a methodology for the systematic economic evaluation used to establish the total cost of ownership, based upon various appraised options.
Expert Witness
We use our knowledge, training and experience in a specific construction related area to help assist courts and other bodies to understand issues in legal cases so that they reach a sound and just decision.
Claims Advice
Claims commonly arise between the parties to construction contracts. This can be as a result of problems such as delays, changes, unforeseen circumstances, insufficient information and conflicts. Claims might be made for things such as loss and expense, extension of time and liquidated damages. We can provide advice regarding the potential validity and quantum of liability regarding claims and disputes.
Heritage Consultancy
Our heritage team have the skills, experience and specialist knowledge to provide considered and ethically responsible advice when working in this capacity. Our service includes funding advice, stakeholder engagement and access to an extensive database of specialist subcontractors.